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Hearty Bromeliad

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Topped with rich red leaves, the bromeliad is an ideal gift for home or office. Its easy-care routine is perfect for today's busy life, and its warm hues are a great way to brighten up any space. 

One 7" bromeliad is carefully planted in a modern tin dish, ready to give as a gift for any occasion. 

Product ID UFN1610

Approximately 16" W x 24" H

What People Are Saying

Customer Testimonial

  August 20, 2020

Ordering Last minute flowers for my Mom from my Dad on Valentines day I received a call from Jennifer who mentioned that they are done for the craziest day of the year at 8:30pm...after verifying the address I provided them, she said she can swing by the address and make sure she receives them today...this was the 2nd attempt. the truth is I assumed she will call and apologies and redeliver the next morning, in less then 45 min Mom sends me picture of beautiful flowers which she said smelled amazing and looked so good that she thought there fake and to show off ;) I picked it MOM....I know :)) Jennifer you made her day,!!! she went to CT for 48hrs and between the 3 of us me being the middle guy between dad & you... we all managed to make her smile, and this is what you and your location did with no last minute super fast delivery charges.... thank you and My Father really thanks you, you are what customer service is all about.asked my mom to send a picture I can share and this is the best she was able to do :( they are really beautiful. again and again thank you Jennifer, I have your cell number but I will not bother you on your personal line.

  February 22, 2018

Lovingly Logo Verified Purchase   |   Valentine’s Day Special Bouquet delivered to New Haven, CT

Thank you for delivering a beautiful arrangement that has lasted a long time and looks individually crafted. Promptly delivered. Great service!

  February 13, 2018

Lovingly Logo Verified Purchase   |   Roses are Romance™ delivered to New Haven, CT

Most amazing florist in New Haven County if not all of Connecticut. My go-to peeps for birthdays, Valentines Day, anniversaries, etc, etc, etc and Fleur De Lys never fails to WOW! Fleur De Lys is my florist, and they should be yours too!!!!

Reviews Sourced from Google and Lovingly

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